Why convier?

‘Convier’ is a French word meaning ‘to invite’.

As a developer, I have (too) often been confronted with the same problem. Many clients came to me to develop a website with a booking system. Despite a lot of research, I never found an elegant solution to integrate these bookings into my clients' calendars. So I chose to create such a service; an API allowing developers to easily send invitations, and more generally to exchange calendar information.

Nothing more.

Mikael Carlavan

Frequently asked questions

When you make a request, we only keep track of your IP address and the UID (Unique identifier) of the generated invitation.

Convier makes the creation of events simple by using meaningful parameters and by managing itself all the syntax specific to the iCalendar format. Convier also takes care of the mailing stuff.

Awesome! We are happy to hear about your ideas. Please contact us.

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